Ring Video Doorbell Pro disconnecting after 5 years no problems

After nearly five years of no issues, my doorbell suddenly went offline about a week ago (doorbell software update?). I’ve tried resetting it, and the router, but to no avail. Occasionally, it will re-connect itself, then drop out again. Totally unreliable.

I have a dual-band modem, but can’t separate out the bands to separate SSIDs. I know that the doorbell won’t work on my 5GHz band as the available channels are all under 100, so I’m wondering if the doorbell is now trying to connect to 5GHz?

There seems to be no point in getting another Ring device if this problem may re-occur. Such a shame as I really don’t want to move to another system.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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Hi @TheRoseLady. Your Doorbell Pro disconnecting could either be due to the wifi signal, or insufficient power. I’d suggest checking the signal first by reviewing the RSSI on the Device Health page. If your router allows you to create a guest network, you may be able to split the bands that way and utilize only the 2.4GHz network for the Doorbell.

If the signal appears to be strong and stable, then the intermittent disconnections could be related to insufficient power. You can find a hardwiring checklist for the Doorbell Pro here. If this issue persists after checking the signal and the wiring, I’d recommend following up with our support team for further assistance.

Hi, The wifi signal is strong (as the router is only a few feet away), and the power is fine (device health shows good transformer voltage).

I managed to get a connection for a few days over the weekend (doorbell reconnected itself), but then it went again overnight. The wifi network can’t be split as we have a BT digital voice modem/phone. The whole of the UK will be switching to this by end of 2025 (for BT).

I checked the wifi channels just now and they are unchanged over weekend. Is there any way to make the doorbell stay on the 2.4GHz network? Our 5GHz networks (on BT) do not go over 100. We only have access to 36, 40, 44, and 48, so 5GHz cannot be used.

I’d like to know why this has suddenly happened when I had an email in September warning me that the doorbell could disconnect due to a forthcoming software update. Can you tell me what the update was for, and why it appears it may have caused my current issue?

Any help appreciated.

@TheRoseLady Since the Ring Community is a public forum, we don’t have access to any device or account details. We can offer general troubleshooting tips and information, but more advanced concerns typically need to be brought up with our support team. They can review things on the back end and help troubleshoot more in-depth than we can here.