Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2: Embracing Multilingual Users for a Brighter Ring Community

We have been customers of Ring for many years, along with my extensive family. Although our main Amazon accounts and devices are also set up in English, due to our large family, we have devices configured in other languages, such as Portuguese, Spanish.

Several times, the Call Center has informed us that the functionality to add at least the Spanish language to the “Ring Doorbell Pro 2” will be available soon. However, we have been waiting for almost 2 years, and this promise remains unfulfilled. Interestingly, they have found the time to add new features to English greetings, even customized for different times of the year, but they have never shown the same commitment or empathy to implement greetings in at least Spanish.

The Hispanic community is just as extensive as the English-speaking one, but for companies like Amazon and Ring, it seems that they have been largely forgotten, despite their significant daily contributions to purchases/sales, including the purchase of their Echo devices. It is truly embarrassing and shows a great lack of empathy towards their customers.

I believe that Amazon and Ring should adopt a more inclusive mindset and strive even harder to follow the trend of creating devices like the Ring Doorbell Pro 2 and others, without imposing such absurd limitations on potentially important customers in various regions of the world who are eager to embrace these technologies. If other renowned manufacturers have successfully expanded the features of their devices globally without creating unnecessary difficulties or barriers for their customers, then Amazon and Ring should follow the same path, expedite and unlock any legal or related processes to improve and openly compete with these technologies that many of us are eager to use, but without such restrictive limitations that leave a bitter taste, despite the many other advantages they may offer.