Ring video doorbell plus missing pre-roll

Ring video doorbell plus is missing the pre-roll feature.
Please bring back that feature as I’m really missing that. I just upgraded from a ring video doorbell number 4 to the newest ring video doorbell plus and was very surprised that the pre-roll feature is missing. I really like that feature. now I can’t see people until they’re already right out my front door which is not as comfortable as before. Please add the pre-roll to the new video doorbell plus as I’m really missing that
I do like the wider field of view and the better quality but I really like to see the pre-roll so I can see the people as they’re walking down my hallway up to my door. Right now I only see the people when they’re already at the door.

Yeah the plus is great except no pre roll.

Totally agree that the plus needs pre-roll. Are Ring going to add it?

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I should have done a bit more research before purchasing this model. Very disappointing that this feature isn’t available with pre-roll.
I previously had the doorbell 3 plus which was a fanstastic doorbell, but unfortunately I had to replace it due to faults developing after two years of ownership