Ring Video Doorbell does not charge

I have a Ring Video Doorbell and I have installed a Ring power supply which is connected to the doorbell (with the prescribed 25 ohm resistor in the circuit). The doorbell does not register being hardwired, it still shows as being on battery. I can measure 25V ac on the screw terminals on the mounting base for the video doorbell. I can’t measure 25V ac across any combination of the contacts above the screw terminals. This doesn’t make sense to me as, without any measured voltage, I can’t see how the doorbell could possibly charge. Can anyone help? Does anyone know which contacts are live for the voltage to be picked up by the doorbell (from the mounting base)?

Hey @Ahilbert. You may need to contact a licensed electrician for wiring help to ensure that the power is being supplied the proper way, as when it is hardwired successfully, the Device Health will read as so. If you still are having troubles after verifying the wiring is proper by following our Help Center Article here, then please contact our support team to follow up on this. Please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19. This has resulted in longer than normal wait times.

Hello, the wiring has been checked and the doorbell is being supplied with power from the Ring power supply via the specified resistor. The doorbell does not register as being hard-wired, it just registers as “Battery”. What is the email address for support in the UK?

@Ahilbert Thank you for checking that for me! At this time, there is not email support available for our neighbors through our normal help@ring.com email address. You will need to call to get a follow up from our support team on this concern. Feel free to come back and let me know how this goes! :slight_smile:

I have a battery doorbell but noticed when I installed it, that it has two pins inside where a hard wire could be connected. Can I now buy the wire and plug to make this doorbell electric and not battery fed? If so, what do I need and where can I buy it?

Hey @Jaclow. You can learn more about how to wire a Ring Video Doorbell directly to a transformer in our Ring Help Center Article here. Wiring it directly to a transformer should help with the overall battery life. :slight_smile:

I, I don’t like your answer! You definitely NEED EMAIL! I despise calling reps! You e always had great email help, what happened—were you bought out by Amazon?
Here’s my HELP QUESTION, regardless of no email:
Your message stated this issue (and sent pictured in the screenshot below) was resolved, but my devices were continuing to show offline and my doorbell wasn’t ringing despite its battery being fully charged—again.

It‘s taken me forever to reset both doorbell & chime bc of RING’s poorly written instructions, false message update, and my network’s update for my iPhone won’t show my 2G setting which my doorbell must use to work, but thankfully, I remembered it from my initial setup of RING’s doorbell!

Then, I reset my phone to auto join the highest network speed, it’s default setting, because I didn’t believe the iPhone’s setting would interfere w the RING DOORBELL’s or CHIME’s network setting I’d just reset. (In my rural, lakeshore location—I’m not even able to receive 5G!) Unfortunately, for some ODD REASON, the iPhone setting matters & it does interfere. For me to get either of my RING devices to chime, or to even be able to depress the button on the doorbell, I had to reset my iPhone permanently to it’s lowest, 2G setting, so I can’t ever receive the 5G speed when I go to shop, just for groceries!
And yes, all my RING’s & IPhone‘s firmware has updated to its latest version.

I’m very disappointed in the RING RE-SETUP process being so difficult! And your instructions for setup are incomplete.

Not to mention, after I reset the doorbell, I found its the phone had been continuously capturing RING & MOTION EVENTS on camera, yet you
NOT RINGING the doorbell or chime! And visitors, nor I, have been able to push in the button on the doorbell either.

Yet, RING owners, all received a message stating of the FALSE REPORTING liSUES…Well, my connection wasn’t connecting so my doorbell wouldn’t ring & that’s just as important as ANYTHING in a doorbell’s function, is it not?

I’ve always been extremely pleased with RING’s prompts replies and help in the past, but this issue needs resolving. I’m also a proud Ring doorbell product, owner who first bought from you at RING’s inception, and my knowledge of it.

I’ve spent four hours attempting to figure out what’s wrong with my doorbell & chime today! Not that I plan on replacing mine, it does works, however poorly. Even w the solar charger, my doorbell continues to die just as often as w/o it, too, very, ___? frequently! However, out of curiosity, do your very newest, latest product, model doorbells’ batteries retain their use—or have improved batteries—causing them to last much longer??

I strongly suggest RING, or whomever now owns you—Amazon?—make these doorbells SIMPLE to attach back to the door’s plate after charging or resetting connections, more than anything—improve the batteries lifetime (and yes, again, my motion detection has always been set to the lowest degree possible w/o any alerts, and all other battery saving instructions followed to the letter including installing the solar panel which doesn’t add a minute’s time to battery life) etc. Also, to simplify HELP instructions for resetting network connections, not send out misleading messages as the one I received in my Ring app—thus included in this email below:
Screenshot 2020-08-26 at 11.46.57 PM:
Obviously, it wouldn’t paste in here! It would in my email written to help@ring.com
Please excuse all typos, I don’t type well on my iPhone.
Best Regards,
Claudia Martin

@Ahilbert wrote:

Hello, the wiring has been checked and the doorbell is being supplied with power from the Ring power supply via the specified resistor. The doorbell does not register as being hard-wired, it just registers as “Battery”.

Hello @Ahilbert, I would like to add to the great advice and the website link that @Chelsea_Ring gave you. From what you already have said, it sounds like you have correctly wired your Video Doorbell for Mains Power (hardwired, directly to a electrical transformer and included the necessary Resistor). And yet, “Power Source” displays as “Battery”, not “Hardwired.”

Note: The Resistor is needed when you do Not have a House-mounted Chime, and you are wiring the transformer directly to the Video Doorbell. If your Transformer does operate and supply power to House-mounted- chime (which causes electrical current resistance), then the Resistor is not needed as a substitute for this house-chime.

You can confirm if you are in Hardwire mode by looking at your Doorbell page (main menu > Devices > select your doorbell) and in the upper-right-corner you see the green “Battery Icon.” If this battery icon does not display a “Lightening-Bolt” symbol in the Icon, then you really are only on battery power. If you DO have a lightening -bolt in the center of the battery icon, then you are getting a hard-wired “trickle-charge” from the Mains-power wires.

If you do not have the “trickle-charge” lightening-bolt displayed, you may need to tap the Reset Button on your Video Doorbell to complete another set- up. Make sure you Connect and Power the house doorbell wires to your Ring Video Doorbell BEFORE you perform your App Setup. If you had turned off a circuit-breaker supplying electrical power to the doorbell wires, ensure the power is back on. During the setup, I heard some people have stated that the doorbell ‘looks’ to see if external power is available to power your doorbell. If it does not ‘see’ power during the set-up, this might cause your doorbell to default into “Battery Mode” only instead of “Hardwired Mode”, even if the wires are connected after the setup. Your doorbell is really a battery-powered device and the hard-wiring only provides for recharging the battery, not powering the doorbell itself (the Video Doorbell Pro model is an exception).

If after tapping the reset button, and completing the normal set-up, and you still do not have the lightening-bolt in the battery icon, you might have to try doing a factory “Hard Reset.” Prior to any Hard Reset, it is a good idea to first "Remove your Ring Doorbell from your phone App (Main Menu > Devices > select your Ring Doorbell > Device Settings (Gear Icon) > General Settings > Remove This Device). Then, with mains-power ON, press and hold down the reset button for 30 seconds, and then release, which will start the set-up sequence. Complete the set-up for harwired and you should now have the Lightening-Bolt in the Battery Icon, and the Device Health page should display “Power Source” as “Hardwire.” It will also display your Battery’s Status charge in a percentage.


, just to clarify what you said early, _" . . . _

wire and plug to make this doorbell electric and not battery fed? " All of the Ring VIdeo Doorbells ARE Battery operated (the Ring Pro Doorbell is the exception). Connecting electrical wires to these only recharges the battery. In other words, the battery is actually what is powering the Video Doorbell, so it is always battery fed. Your Doorbell cannot and does not work/run off main-connection power.

I hope you find this additional information helpful :slight_smile:

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