Ring Video Doorbell compatibility with Virgin Media Hub2?

I installed ring doorbell in Dec 2019 and it has been working well without any issues until recently when Virgin Media installed upgrade Hub2 about 3 weeks ago (July 2021) and now a lot of functionality doesn’t work with the doorbell. I’ve tried reinstalling but issue persists. I get some notifications but not all – generally missing as people approach the house & cannot talk to people remotely (they are unable to hear me) . Any tips for a non technical person? Thanks in advance

@GMiller63 Are you sure its a Hub 2? These haven’t been issued for a couple of years now. I suspect it is likely a Hub 3? What I would try is splitting the WiFi bands and using the 2.4ghz band for Ring as it has much better performance through walls etc.


Thanks for reply. Attach photo which shows Hub 2 . I’m still using the 2.4ghz band as I have done previously - I read somewhere that Ring does indeed work best on 2.4ghz (my ring doorbell doesn’t pick up the 5ghz band). I have tried countless times to connect with Virgin but struggling to get them (somedays 2 hours waiting on phone to connect to Technical Assistance). I will keep trying.

@GMiller63 Are you in Ireland by any chance? Just going off the model number that is actually what is termed as a Hub 4 in the UK but that looks like an Irish market model with he VMIE at the end (UK ones have VMB I think). Did you upgrade to the Gigabit service as they tend to give you that hub with that service? Yes the 2.4 ghz is the right band to use. Suggestions would be to put the router into modem mode and use your own router or maybe try a a WiFi extender or a Ring Chime Pro. Has your router been moved to a new location at all as part of the upgrade?

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@bemak187 Hi. Yes, Ireland is correct. No I didn’t upgrade. Had WiFi issues for a few days & Virgin Media came out, did some checking & replaced the old hub for this new “stylish” one but Ring Doorbell issues ever since ! No change to location - everything is where it was, just the Hub model changed. I will look into your suggestions on how to " to put the router into modem mode and use your own router or maybe try a a WiFi extender or a Ring Chime Pro"
Thank you very much.

@GMiller63 If only hub has changed then it is something related to that. Have you got the Wi-Fi bands separated i.e. a 2.4ghz network and a 5ghz network or is it just one network ID you see. It might be worth splitting them bands and see if that helps. Also what RSSI value do you get from the ring app for the doorbell?

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I have a Superhub 3 and I recently discovered that they are apparently renowned for WiFi dropouts.

I got round my initial issues with Ring connectivity using a TP-Link extender (the door bell is downstairs, whilst the router is upstairs on the opposite side of the house).

Due to playing around with CCTV cameras recently, the WiFI dropout issue on the Superhub became more evident. So what I did was buy a Netgear NightHawk router, and turned the Superhub to ‘modem mode’. My WiFi is now strong and stable on all devices throughout the house.

As a further extension to what I have been doing recently, I also got a TP-Link outdoor WAP, and I can now get a strong and stable network wireless connection right to the end of the garden (50m+).

You don’t need to do all that, of course. But the Superhub could well be a factor in what you are experiencing.

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@bemak187 and @Sualdam . Thank you for replies/tips. Yes, the only things that has changed is the hub which Virgin changed so definitely relates to that. Wi-Fi is split to show both 2.4ghz & 5 ghz. I bought TP-Link Extender but unfortunately no change![RSSI Front Video Doorbell. I attach screen shot of RSSI Front Video Doorbell - shows Zero !! (fyi RSSI for the Backdoor Spotlight Cam shows 71) . Speed test for Front video Doorbell is Download 30.36 Mbps, Upload 23.91 Mpbs, Ping 26ms. [fyi Speed test for Backdoor Spotlight Cam is Download 40.08 Mpbs, Upload 22.37Mpbs, Ping 29ms]. Unsure what all that means !! Contact with Virgin Media is proving very difficult !! I just want my old Hub back so that I can get back to working/reliable Ring Devices

I think the problem (from what I have read) is to do with a chip in the Superhub. The ‘dropout’ you get isn’t specifically with the Wi-Fi signal, but the ability of the connecting devices to remain connected because of what information the signal contains. My phone repeatedly dropped the connection, but reconnected manually very easily, only to drop again a few seconds later, yet the Wi-Fi signal was still strong.

Even my TP-Link extender occasionally dropped its connection to the router, and had to be rebooted.

Are you sure your extender is extending, and not providing its own SSID? Your doorbell might still be picking up the router and not the extended signal (your RSSI looks quite strong, though).

For example, when you set up the TP-link, you might connect it to (say) ‘MillerRouterSSID’, but unless you change things, it might be broadcasting (extending) that as ‘TP-Link-ext’ (or similar). If you rename it to the same as your router (and use the same password), your Ring ought to then choose that when you restart it.

That might not be the case because, as I say, your RSSI (signal strength) is good.

@GMiller63 ISP supplied routers tend to be built to a price. It might be worth sticking the Superhub into modem only mode and getting your own router. One of the benefits of virgin is that it is fairly easy to use your own kit as you can force the hub to act only as a cable modem and use what ever router/wifi set up you want.

@bemak187 and @Sualdam Thank you both for continued responses. Very much appreciated. It shows how much I know :grinning: - I assumed SSID of Zero on Front Video Doorbell was bad !! [RSSI for the Backdoor Spotlight Cam shows 71]. I checked TP Link Extender set up - shows to be set up to same as router & using same password. @bemak187 I will look at your suggestion & see what it entails for a non Techie like me ! Again, thank you.

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