Ring Video Doorbell 4, wired into Friedland Type 6


I think I might know the answer to this already, namely that I’ve managed to get myself confused when ordering the Ring doorbell and have ordered one that’s not compatible with my old doorbell chime (at least without fiddling).

I have ordered and installed a Video Doorbell 4.

The existing doorbell is a Friedland Type 6 (NOM ANCE). There’s a doorbell transformer in the consumer unit.

The doorbell shows it’s running on battery only.

Am I right in thinking that this doorbell doesn’t provide enough voltage to power the ring?

If it does, then how would I go about rewiring the chime unit to power it? I have the wiring config in the (hopefully) attached picture, with the feed from the transformer connected to 0 and T3, and the doorbell attached to 0 and F2.

Any suggestions on a) whether it’s possible, and b) what should be connected up if it is?

If it’s not possible, does anyone have any opinions on the solar mount for the Video Doorbell 4? Our door is north facing, but not under a porch or in any kind of shade. I’m loathe to go chasing cables if I can avoid it…


Hi @atkinstogran. It looks like some neighbours in this Community post here have a similar setup. You may be able to find your answer there.