Ring Video Doorbell 4 notification sound on Bluetooth headphones

I have the Ring video doorbell 4 and Bose Quiet Comfort 2 ANC Bluetooth headphones. I have gone through every setting on the app, on my phone, on my headphones, etc and can not get the doorbell notifications to make a sound. My phone vibrates, the preview shows, I click on it and I can hear the live view, but the notification itself doesn’t make a sound. This is incredibly frustrating,I need to hear my doorbell ring.

Hi @6a060c5bc5e23931947252a3c26e9a. Do notifications from other apps play an audible sound on your bluetooth headphones, or is it only the Ring App that does not play an audible notification sound? Additionally, do you have your phone on Do Not Disturb mode or possibly have the notification sounds muted at all? For example, I have my phone’s notification sounds muted, but my phone still vibrates when I receive a notification.