Ring update 5.58.0 for iphone crashing using OS16.3.1 on iPhone 14 Pro Max

This update causes the IOS ring app to crash upon starting I have done all that tech said to do many times with no success. I am, for now, using the Ring app on my gen ten iPad and it works fine.

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Same issue here . I have updated the app on iPhone. 14
Pro max and phone is running on IOS 16.3.1 . The app will no longer stay open , it force closes immediately after opening it . I have tried everything from deleting it , reinstalling , hard resetting phone and nothing fixes it . I was on the phone for over an hour with Tech support and they had no solution after all this troubleshooting , except to “call back at another time “ . Here is another bit of information , I updated the app on iPad Pro which is like 6 years old and. Version 5.58.0 is crashing now on the iPad .

Strangely my wife is on version 5.58.0 on iPhone 13 Pro Max and she is also running IOS 16.3.1 , but her app works completely fine ?

Something is going on that isn’t affecting all users , but this version 5.58.0 is a problem . I am ready to install all my landscape lighting for spring , and unless this is fixed , I don’t know how to add devices and ones where the battery died where they are offline . This is a huge problem .

Ring , do you have any input yet on what is causing this problem for some ?

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I came here to say the same thing. The app force closes after opening. I updated to 5.59.1 and the problem persists on my iPhone 13 Pro.

Hi neighbors. Thank you for sharing your experiences with this concern. If you have Smart Lights, a temporary workaround that might work for some is to unplug the Bridge or other Smart Lighting device acting like a Bridge (Alexa devices, Ring Alarm Pro). Rest assured that our team is actively investigating and working to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Once we receive an update on this matter, we will make sure to come back to this post and comment. Thank you for your time and patience.

I updated to 5.58.1. IOS app still crashes right after opening . I Unplug the bridge. Like stated above. still the app crashes . Right now their is a bug in the app which renders the app useless , it’s been going on for over a week with 2 updates and still no fix ?

So my ring alarm , landscape lights and cameras are useless , accessing ring through safari is pathetically limited ,

Ring do we have an answer on what’s causing the app to remain unusable ?

Unplugging the Bridge did seem to do the trick for me. I can access the app without it force closing.

Just coming back to say I plugged back in my Bridge yesterday and everything still works. So much for Ring updating the post to say the issue has been resolved. I’m currently on version 5.59.0. I’m not sure which SW revision incorporated the fix.