Ring unsupported in Alexa? UK Based

I have just set up alexa in our home to run some processes (Alexa Echo 3rd Gen) and looking to do some things with Ring.

When I go to set up routines, it says that all of my alexa devices are unsupported? Is this an error or just the case for the UK? Currently have 3 cameras and a doorbell and none say they are supported.

Any ideas or am i missing something?


The Ring Skill for Alexa in the UK has been removed. (Amazon support confirmed this morning).

What Routines were you looking to do?
My alarm is still linked to Alexa/Echo devices to sound on a break in and to voice exit/entry etc.
I can also still view my Outdoor Ring Cameras on Echo Show.

Bear in mind I am in Ireland (Republic of) so perhaps the UK have lost access to such things due to some weird ruling the UK have brought in post-Brexit.

Is this genuine information that Ring and Alexa no longer work together in the UK?

I was about to purchase and saw this. I spoke to Ring support who said this is untrue.

Hi neighbors. It is not true that the Ring Skill in the Alexa app has been removed for neighbors in the UK. The Ring Skill in the Alexa app is still available in the UK. If you are having issues creating certain routines, what exact routines are you trying to create? This will help me look into the issue.

I dont have any image

same here no routines I Just wanted the doorbell to show the camera feed instead of saying somebody is at the front door

Hi @user76171. If you have a compatible video-enabled Alexa device, you can turn on Doorbell press announcements in the Alexa app to see a Live View for 15 seconds on your Alexa device. We have more details on this feature here.