Ring transformer turns on the light for a millisecond

My new ring transformer worked for about 5 min and now when I turn on the landscape light they blink on for a millisecond and then off.

All functionality in the app is ok and it responsive and the same thing happens if I turn it on manually

So I thought my landscape light fixture is at fault so I disconnected them and hooked up one single known good light with same result.

Being a electrical engineer I just had to bring out the DVM and measure and I read anywhere from 4 to 8 volt where it should be 12v

Any thoughts much appreciated .

Hey there, @JHring! This is certainly an odd thing to happen. Please ensure the outlet used is a GFCI type and the wiring used is standard low voltage gauge 12-16 AWG wire. Feel free to also check out our help center article containing a great installation video and checklist for getting the most out of your Smart Lighting Transformer. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: