Ring Transformer need a Photocell?

Does the Ring Transformer need a photocell to know dawn and dusk?

Or can it be mounted inside a garage with a Ring Bridge because it can be programmed w the Ring App to turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn?

Hi @PaulRing. The Ring Bridge is required to access smart controls on the Ring Transformer, such as light scheduling and grouping. The Ring Transformer connects to the Ring Bridge, which is what allows you to use the Ring app to control the lights. Any 12v or 15v low-voltage light plugged into the Ring Transformer will be given the following features:

  • On/off control directly in the Ring app
  • Lights can be scheduled to turn on from dusk to dawn or at a custom time
  • Grouping - you can add a motion sensitive Ring light to the same group as your transformer which can trigger all low-voltage landscape lights to turn on.

You can learn more about the Ring Transformer and what features the Ring Bridge provides here. I hope that helps answer your questions.