Ring transformer lights keep turning off by them selves

I have installed 10 super led (low voltage, less that a watt in power usage) hardscape lights connected to a ring transformer. I have turned all the settings off for motion. No matter what I do, the lights keep turning off after exactly 1mins.

I checked the connections for wifi and all signals are good.

Not sure what the issues are
Anyone come across this before and know how to resolve? Need to figure this out before they seal the lights in.

Hi @Cjmehta. It sounds like we need to just change a few more settings in the app for you! The lights are set, by default, to turn off after about a minute, unless you change this. For the lights, when you press the toggle for them to be ON, there is a turn off at the bottom of the screen with EDIT that pops up (toast menu). From there, select edit, and pick a different time out. This should help them stay on for as long as you asked them to! Otherwise, your other option is to go to the “light schedules” tile, and set a schedule up! :slight_smile:

So that is exactly what I did. Still shuts off after exactly one minute. Tried other settings to spot check. Still off after one minute.

@Cjmehta Thanks for getting back to me and giving that a try. If you can, please reach out to our support team here so they can take a deeper look into your account for your specific device!