Ring Transformer and Bridge License Requirements

It is virtually impossible to find out what the license requirements if any are for the ring Transformer and ring bridge combo. I purchased the transformer and was unable to set it up on the ring app without the Bridge, therefore the transformer is a super heavy paper weight. Purchased the bridge and now my account says I am on a trial of the advanced security license. No where does it tell me information relating to the requirements or cost.

Can anyone help please?

Hi @Snazy. I’m not sure if you’re referring to a license that your local county requires, but Ring doesn’t require you to have any sort of license to use a Ring Bridge or Ring Transformer. As for the Ring Bridge, it’s noted on the Ring Transformer product page that the Ring Bridge is required for smart controls. Otherwise it will function as a standard transformer. The Ring Protect plan is optional and not required to use your devices, and you can find more information on our Protect plans in our Help Center Article here. I hope this information helps! :slight_smile: