Ring stick up cams and TP link N300

Just wanting some assistance please.

I have 3 stick up cams two of which have a poor WiFi connection so when I’m away from the house I can’t access live view even though notifications still come through.

I purchased the TP Link N300, after reading online that it was a good product for the camera. I have successfully completed the setup and the signal strength on the extender is good but the WiFi connection is still showing as poor on my camera. Has anyone had this issue and can give any guidance on what I may have done wrong?


Hi there, @Becki_c! The Community is happy to help. Let’s start at the router and progress toward the Ring device. To begin, it’s important to consider what speeds and signal distance your main router is capable of providing. Please ensure the router is placed somewhere out in the open, and away from any interferences.

Next, let’s optimize the extender placement for signal delivery. You will want to observe the signal path taken to reach each one of your Cameras. Please locate the wifi extender based on distance, multiple walls, floors, appliances, and other wifi interference factors. Ultimately, placing the extender at a halfway point between your router and Cameras is best.

If you have battery powered Ring devices, a great test would be to bring a Camera inside near the router and test a motion event to see the signal improve. Then, gradually move further from the router, testing events and checking wifi signal, to obtain a good visual of your network signal reach. This can help also to determine which areas of your home need the most help with an extended. Feel free to also check out our Chime Pro extender, as it is also a great solution for this. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: