Ring Stick up Cam (3.gen) SmartThings Installation problem

Hello Community,

I want to add my ring security cameras (Ring Stick up Cam 3.gen battery) to my samsung SmartThings Hub V3.
First I`ve add the cameras to my ring accont with the ring app. Both work fine.

If I want to add the Ring account it shows me a installation problem.

-> “+” (add device)
-> ring
-> security cams
-> login with ring account
-> authorize smarthings

Ring (Connect)
No reported devices

ring ist reporting that you do not own any devices on this account. First add Devices in your Ring account and rerun SmartThings.

but i have already add the cameras to my Ring account?!

Can someone help me out please?

Best regards




I’m hoping someone knows the solution to an issue I am having with my new Spotlight Cam Wired and SmartThings. I have the “Ring (Connect)” SmartApp setup in SmartThings and I was able to successfully add my Ring Doorbell 2 and Ring Stickup Cam to SmartThings through the integration. The two existing Cameras have been working perfectly for several months.

I recently installed a new Spotlight Cam Wired and got it setup through the Ring app without any isuses. I went to add it to SmartThings but the new Spotlight Cam doesn’t show up in the Device List under the Ring (Connect) SmartApp.

I’ve tried removing the Ring Connect SmartApp from SmartThings and then adding it back but the Spotlight Cam doesn’t show up as a device I can use.

What am I missing? Do I have to enable remote integration for that Spotlight Cam through the Ring App or something?



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Hey @Blufi, thank you for reaching out! Since you have everything already connected to your Ring App and it’s functioning, it may be best to contactSamsung Support in order to get a better idea of what is going on. It’s possible that they may have not fully integrated yet with us!

Same problem here. SmartThings can find my Ring Doorbell but not Stick Up Cam.

This may be a classic finger pointing issue. Ring <–> SmartThings. IMHO, it’s on Ring to figure it out and make it work.

Botton line. I’ll buy no additional Stick Ups until they work. If I have to wait too long, I’ll get cams that work with SmartThings, I’m not changing out SmartThings. I should have cheked the word on the street on Stick Ups. If I had I would have choosen something that works

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Stick up cam shows as supported device, but doesn’t change the final error:


Your Ring account does not report any supported devices installed. Check your Ring account.

Tap ‘Done’ to exit installation.

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I, too, am having the same issue. All of my exterior spotlight cams are integrated with smartthings, but I’m unable to integrate my new stick up cam. And I have 2 more on the way. I really need to be able to set motion detection only when I’m away for the indoor cameras and cannot. When will this integration be made? If not soon, I’ll have to return these cameras.

Yes, same issue here which other users have reported. This is not acceptable, Ring and Smarthings need to get their act together and fix this.

I sent it all back and went with Arlo. Best decision I could have made

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That’s great. I also have an Arlo Q, as you said, works flawless (and without the need for subscription).
Apart from this ongoing problem with Ring cams, it also has another major flaw (sort of a deal breaker to some I would say). I cannot turn this off by using Geofencing feature. There is no Geofencing basically in Ring.

This is very simple to achieve in Arlo (should have stuck with Arlo only, big mistake).

Unfortunately I cannot return it (Ring) in my region, thus stuck with this stickup cam. Really disappointed.

But if this helps anyone, please get Arlo camera. It just is better and feature rich (my personal experience though).

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Might want to check out the Arlo forums…

I just purchased the new Ring doorbell 3 series with stick up cam. I cant event get the door bell added to smart things successfully due to error “Ring is reporting that you do not own any devices on this account”. Were you able to get Ring doorbell working through a custom smart app using source code in IDE? I finally located source code today and it installed correcly however when I try to add the smart app from mobile device app, I get stuck at this error every time. I wonder if its because my devices are still in a trial mode with Ring?


I just purchased Ring Stick up cam from Costco, hoping to integrate it with my Smartthings. I already have Ring Doorbell integrated into Smartthings, Smartthings is not picking up Stick up Camera as a new device, only picks up th doorbell. Please help

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Stick up cam shows as supported device, but doesn’t change the final error.

installtion error also occur in it.

I really need to be able to set motion detection only when I’m away for the indoor cameras and cannot. When will this integration be made? If not soon, I’ll have to return these cameras.

Hey @sgai71. You may find that our new Modes feature is what you’re looking for. Could you check out that and let me know if this works for you?

It would be great if Ring would support integration of all their products with Smartthings. I’m unable to use my stickup cam with my hub and feel like I’m not getting the full potential and value out of my camera.

This is a chicken sh@&t answer! I’m having the same annoying problem, and it’s not up to Samsung to fix it. Smart things works fine with everything else. It’s just the stick up cam that doesn’t work. Get it together and fix the problem. And if Samsung is the problem, it’s your responsibly that to work out, not your customers. It’s your business. Do you want to stay competitive with other options in your category or not?! Fix this.

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I wouldn’t be suprised if Ring is trying to force the use of their own security hub and/or the Amazon Echo infrastructure.

I’m researching alternatives to the Ring system that work flawlessly with Smartthings. I have around 50 devices from a multitude of vendors on my Smartthings hub and all except the Ring Stickup work. I’m OK with dumping Ring and eating the cost as lesson learned and never believing anything from Ring that says “Work with Smartthings” I’ve wqalready blown more soft money for the tine I’ve wasted trying to get the StickUp working.

IT will alwys be Smaththings hub first … then only use what is known to work well and is supported

Purchased a new doorbell gen 2 and having same issue and error message so its not just the stick up cam, looks like maybe any new devices won’t connect, forcing to use their new modes feature i assume. Disappointing!

More than disappointing. Anyone here care to weigh in?