Ring Stick Up Battery Cam


I have a Ring Stick Up Cam Battery version, I have installed the camera on the outside of my house, about 2 meters left and 2 meters up from my front door.
My wireless router is literally the other side of my front door, therefore the camera is no more than 3/4 meters away from the router. But way too often the signal drops out, I cannot do a live view and the RSSI is indicating red (assuming low signal). How can this be when it’s so close to the router?

Hi @chrisashers. What type of building material is the Stick Up Cam Battery mounted to? If this a dense material like brick or concrete, the signal might be degraded. If you bring the camera inside, what is the RSSI? You can find the RSSI in the Device Health section of the Ring app. Bringing the camera inside as a test will let us know if the distance/environment is diminishing your RSSI.

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