Ring spotlight weak signal

Hello I’m new on here please could someone help me I have a weak signal on my ring spotlight camera I have put the ring chime pro next close to it but it’s still weak any help would be appreciated thanks from adam

Hi @user66546. How far from the router is your Spotlight Cam installed? The Chime Pro should also be placed at around a halfway point between the router and your Ring Camera in order to provide the most stable signal. You can also use the Chime Pro Placement Test to determine the best spot to place your Chime Pro.

After placing the Chime Pro, you’ll need to connect your Spotlight Cam to the Chime Pro network rather than your home’s wifi network. You can change the wifi network under the Device Health page. After connecting your Spotlight Cam to the Chime Pro Network, check the RSSI to determine if the signal strength is better.