Ring Spotlight - Continuous False Motion during daylight hours

I installed the Ring Spotlight two weeks ago (picture attached). It is mounted to spec in a very low traffic area. Basically, it should not detect real motion except for a couple of times a month. Instead it triggers motion continuously like once every minute during daylight hours only. The sun does not even shine on it directly except for between 11am to 1pm since it is in a narrow 3’ alley. However, at sunrise it starts continuously detection even at the low setting and is unusable. Currently, I have Alexa turn motion off at sunrise and on at sunset, but this is not a solution. I have tried every available motion setting to no avail.

Hi there, @HouTX! I see there is an additional Ring Camera not too far from this. Does that Spotlight Camera also trigger often? As a test, try taking your Spotlight Smart Light down and temporarily place anywhere else in that area. Try also facing different directions. This will help to eliminate any environmental factors, and if the sun lighting change itself is triggering motions, angling your Spotlight differently can help with this.

For more tips on installation and positioning the Spotlight, check out our Help Center article. :slight_smile:

The Spotlight camera does not detect motion unless I am 6’ in front of it (the opposite problem!). That is why I purchased this Spotlight, to pair it with the Camera to extend motion range, but it unusable currently. I have not only changed the angle of the Spotlight but even mounted it at 90 degrees to the fence, but still the same problem.