Ring Spotlight Camera with Motion Activated Siren

Can I request a motion triggered siren feature for the Ring Spotlight Camera? It already has motion triggered spotlights, so this only makes sense. If I were to get a motion alert on my device I may not always have my phone available, so knowing this can be enabled will help me sleep easier. This would be a fantastic addition to this product and would make me feel much safer knowing it will help scare off introders on my property (which I do get here, I caught some on this camera only a few days ago!!)

TLDR Ring Spotlight Cam should have motion activated siren.


This seems like an essential feature for this product, I’m looking at getting one but missing this feature alone is holding me back!

Good idea, jump on this ring!

Definitely this should just be another on/off toggle

This would have to be something that could be turned on or off. I don’t my nice UPS guy scared, but at night it might be a nice feature.

Typical Ring device. Featured are half-implemented. This is such a basic requirement of every device with a siren. I have a stick-up cam that I only enable at night, to monitor my car in my driveway. If someone tries to break into my car it should sound the siren. No, instead I have to have my phone or Alexa wake me up so I can manually trigger the siren from the app? Do Ring architects actually use their own products?