Ring Spotlight Cam Battery - on/ off option for light please!

The option to turn the light on for 30 seconds is far too short! You should be able to manually turn it on and off at the very least. I appreciate the batteries will not last as long however surely that is down to the user and I purchased two additional batteries with the cam just for this!

The whole reason I purchased this product is that I did not have to wire it in. We wanted to use the spotlight feature when letting our dogs out in the garden for toilet at night but it’s useless for this. It’s also pretty much useless for anything else you want to do at night like putting the bins out or maneuvering cars around. By the time it’s on it’s off.

PLEASE add an on/ off feature at the very least. A super easy software update for you and will help so many users. As you do will other settings you can always have a pop up message cautioning battery life when selected.

Thanks Ring Team!

Hi @russell_essex. Thanks for the suggestion! I went ahead and moved your post over to the Feature Request board here so other neighbors can comment and upvote your suggestion as well. :slight_smile: