Ring Spot Cams randomly go offline and Ring Elite Doorbell will not connect

I am having two different problems. First major problem is 6 Spot Cams just randomly go offline. Typically all on the same day at different times which makes it seem like it is a network problem, however, I have installed Ring Chime Pros and was able to connect 5 of the Ring cameras to the Chime Pros. The 6th one is just out of reach but I am using an Eero network and have a solid signal from one of the Eero Pro. Chime Pros and Spot Cam Elite do not fall offline. If I go and remove the battery and reinstall battery, it will come back up. I have STP set at 4096 as I’m aware of some of the Spanning Tree Protocal can have issues. That said, at a separate location, I have a Ring Doorbell Elite that will not connect to the network but have other Ring Cams and Chimes connected. Have gone as far as disabling STP for Ring set up but no luck. The Doorbell Elite is hardwired and have even tried to set up via wireless, but no luck. Any advice or ways to solve these issues would be great. The Stick Up Cams are the priority. They are less that 4 months old but have already missed major events due to falling offline.

Ring is having problems with mesh wifi as far back as at least 2 years or so with no resolve. Perhaps that is why.