Ring Solar Panel draining battery

I recently connected a second small solar panel to one of my stick up cameras, since the first one worked so well.
Well the second one must be a dud. I set it up, it showed connected almost immediately. Battery drained to empty by that night. Fine, it was a somewhat cloudy day. Replace the battery with fully charged one, also drains in 24 hours. Now they were getting 5-7 days out of them before they reached 20-30% without the solar panel connected.
Should it be draining the battery like this? It’s not cold weather because my my phone two other stick up cams on just battery have been going strong over a week now. And the other solar powered one is solid, even with the snow/ cloudy weather we’ve had.
Anyone had these issues and find a solution to them? Or should I just return the solar panel and give up on the idea?

Hi @user77019. You can use one Ring Solar Panel with a compatible Ring Camera to provide a trickle charge to the battery. Make sure the panel is properly connected to the Stick Up Cam, and is receiving several hours of direct sunlight per day. I’d also suggest reviewing the amount of activity your Stick Up Cam is recording, as an increase in activity can cause unexpected battery drain. We also have some troubleshooting steps for the Solar Panels here.

If this issue persists after checking the above, I’d recommend getting in touch with our support team to look into this further. You can give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. You can also get in touch with our support team on Facebook @Ring.