Ring Solar Charger for Video Doorbell 2

My video doorbell 2’s battery lasts for about 1 week before it has to be recharged.

As such I am considering purchasing a solar charger to increase the duration between changes.

However my video door bell is placed in a position where it doesn’t receive direct sunlight, although there is a fair amount of incandescent light. I was wondering whether the solar charger can still be charged, albeit slower, with incandescent light?

Hey @Krilas. The solar charger for the Ring Video Doorbell 2 needs 4-6 hours of direct sunlight to get a trickle charge to your device of about 10% a day. You will need to ensure you are getting direct sunlight for this to function properly, as this does not seem like it would be ideal for you. My apologizes for that! Although, for the battery to only last a week for you, this does not seem right. Are you have a lot of events that could cause this battery drain? Please let me know about how many events you are having a day, and if you have tried a new battery to see if this is the case. I normally see most neighbors with about 10 events a day have the battery last about 1-2 months.