Ring Solar Charger for Gen 2 doorbell says sunlight is too weak?

Great job covering all these steps, @mvrippo, and thank you for listing them in detail. It seems like you are doing everything correctly here for this Solar Panel to provide a charge as intended. Luckily, the status is showing as connected, which is half the battle. The next step will be to optimize the effectiveness of the charge. It looks like your Solar Charger panel is getting direct sunlight, but please ensure this is true for several hours of the day.

The device health is also showing an RSSI that is considered a critical or high interference reading, as described in our Community post about RSSI. While the Solar Charger is receiving direct sun light, and the battery is fully charged to start off, factors such as signal strength and Video Doorbell usage can drain battery quicker than a charge can be effectively applied. This could explain the message you are receiving in the device health. Please also ensure the panels are clean of debris or dirt. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: