Ring Software Updates

Whenever I delete/reinstall the Ring app on my Android device, particularly when attempting to resolve some User issue, I go exclusively to Google Play Store. For those who have iOS devices, you probably do the same with Apple Play Store. Here’s what I would like to see in the way of software updates:

  1. App Updates (what was updated in current version): Whenever downloading any regularly-used app, I generally scroll down to the bottom of the app page to see what was updated in the current version. Most often I see “Bug Fixes”; sometimes I see more-specific “fixes” described. Such feedback provides some degree of User confidence that concerns/issues are being addressed. For the Ring app, I am not seeing this in Google Play Store. I would like to see this added disclosure in the Play Store description(s) of app updates – particularly since I am not seeing such disclosures offered by the various Ring Moderators in the various discussion threads. Lack of this basic degree of transparency is apparent in User frustration voiced in some of the discussion threads (not necessarily to the fault of the Ring Moderators). Please don’t get me wrong, as I am very appreciative of any constructive input on User issues, but I am just longing for a little more “transparency” from the Ring folks. I am also very appreciative of this Ring Community discussion platform as I have gained much understanding from it.

  2. Firmware Updates: It appears that some User issues arise as a result of firmware updates. I don’t regularly check for firmware updates since I assume that my various Ring devices are always operating as they should. Push notifications of firmware updates for the various devices would be highly desired so that I can readily self-check my devices – call it User assurance.

I apologize if my items have already been addressed in previous discussion threads. Should this be the case, please direct me to the specific/earlier discussion thread(s) – much appreciated!