Ring Smart Plug

For those who self-monitor their Ring security cameras using the Live View feature (no Ring Alarm system), a smart plug that can be controlled through the Ring app would be a nice hardware addition. This would afford Users the capability of providing their own secondary provisions (be it a louder alarm siren, strobe light, other) that can judiciously be turned on/off directly from Live View.

Such a “Ring Smart Plug” might be app-linked to the existing alarm icon (!) already provided in the Live View window for the particular camera in use at the time. This would afford User an option of supplementing existing camera alarms with other custom features.

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Yes, I just wish there was a Ring Smart Plug that would activate any 120v AC device (3rd party siren, strobes, etc.) when the Ring Alarm system triggers the Base Station & Keypad sirens.

Then I could plug in a loud weather-proof siren for outdoors.

I see numerous posts, all good, which request new product features along similar lines. For the Ring software folks, it must be a difficult (if not impossible) task to satisfy all such Requestors. A basic Ring Smart Plug hardware addition would appear to be the easiest “common denominator” for a lot of these requests.

Those who are not able to devise their own secondary custom provisions can defer to tips/suggestions offered in this Ring Community forum, or eventually count on 3rd party providers (e.g. ~ cam/panel mounting hardware on Amazon). As an example, using a smart plug, outlet transformer and 12VDC piezo siren (separate components purchased from Amazon), I was able to rig an inexpensive and very-loud outdoor siren alarm for one location (address) where I only have cams (no Ring Alarm System). The only problem with this setup is that I need to exit “Live View” to access another app that controls the smart plug. Here’s an example where a “Ring Smart Plug” would be very beneficial – one that can be controlled through the Ring app. With some additional software/app tweaks, it could also potentially satisfy the needs of those who desire other features inherent to their Ring Alarm Systems.

Addendum: To satisfy those who desire an “automatic” response from their secondary devices (say a louder external alarm/strobe), the proposed Ring Smart Plug might even be configured wherein it can also be activated through the “Linked Devices” option.