Ring Smart lighting issues and questions

So I’ve had Ring for over two years now and I love the base alarm and the features it provides. Over the last year I’ve been slowly adding lights into the system and have now come into three issues I’m curious about. Hopefully other users have some input.

  1. Smart Solar Floodlights. I bought four of these along with the Spotlight cams because I wanted camera/lighting at each corner of the house but wanted to forego running 200feet of wire, cutting in boxes, and mounting the nice floodlight cams. These do the same job and were way easier to install. However, the floodlights EAT batteries like crazy. Here’s the deal though, they’re fitted with two of the quick release batteries vs one in the spotlight cam, and their solar panels sit right next to the cam’s panel. The spotlight cams can go a month or more without needing a charge, based on sun during the day, while the floodlights’ two batteries are dead in 8-9 days. I would think the cams pull more power, right? How are the floodlight batteries dying so fast? They’re set to the lowest motion setting, one minute run time, and not linked to any other device. There is virtually no late night traffic in my yard, they only trip when I or a roommate comes home, so at most they turn on three times a night, one minute each. Then they charge all day in the sun. Are these lights just really power hungry? How do they not outlast the single battery in the camera?
  2. Smart Lighting Spotlight. I thought these were great little $30 addons initially. Same deal though, the 4 D cell batteries last three weeks at best. They’re also set to low range, night time only, not linked, and I can test that range easily, it’s short, they should only be tripping a couple times a night at most. I’ve tried numerous batteries and none outlast any others, and as Ring states in the manual you must use alkaline batteries since rechargeable ones put out a lower voltage. I have two out front, so 8 batteries every 5-6 weeks is starting to add up. Shouldn’t they conserve power a little better as LEDs?
  3. Refreshing the app after a battery change. This is the most frustrating thing about the above issues. When replacing batteries, the app doesn’t refresh the device health for at least several hours, if not an entire day. I can log out/in, power my phone off/on, unplug the Lighting Bridge, router, alarm base, everything really, nothing works to refresh it. This can be an issue because I am charging numerous batteries constantly to get ready to replace them, and don’t always keep them sorted, so after changing a few, then climbing off the roof, putting up the ladder, going about my day, then settling in for the night I might get a notice of a low battery or a light offline because it took all day to update and now something is reading low or dead. There has to be a better system than just ‘plug in and wait’.

Any input or ideas would be welcomed. I’ve come to just leaving the ladder on the deck, leaned against the house all day, but would really like a better solution.