Ring Skill not available in India

I recently purchased ring doorbell from amazon.in. It is working fine but I am not able to use it with my Echo dot - ring skill is not shown in my alexa app. Has anyone with amazon.in account ben able to use ring doorbell with echo in india and if so, please let me know how this can be done.

Can ring.com also help to make this skill available for users in india?

Thank you.


I purchased the ring doorbell 2 but my alexa is not having the ring app. I am based in India. I cannot connect with Alexa echo.

Can you please help?


Hello Ring team,

Can you please enable the Ring Alexa skill for India? It will be very helpful.

you can set it with us address then us ring skill can be added.

go to amazon.com

login then set echo show address with USA

then you can add USA skills but wont be able to add indian skills.

it works perfect then…