Ring Site & App Integration with Amazon Fire TVs and Fire Cubes / Silk Browser

Background: I purchased 55" Toshiba fireTV to be able to view my ring cameras on my smart home dashboard. I need to be able to view/monitor my Ring cameras on my FireTV.

  1. when I use Alexa button with verbal command to take me to the smart home dashboard, it shows blank/empty cameras. I have 23 cameras and only 2 or 3 show an image and the rest all gray. Furthermore, those 3 showing camera preview/image, are frozen and never refresh/update. They don’t seem to refresh/update every few minutes like all cameras do on my ring app on my phone, or the Ring .com dashboard.

  2. There is no actual app button that i can press on my TV home screen to go directly to the smart home dashboard from TV home page. Why? the only way it seems to be by pressing Alexa button and verbally asking to go to the smart home dashboard, which doesn’t seem to work properly anyways.

  3. I tried a workaround by going to the ring.com website by using amazon silk browser, and it seems like it is zoomed in at 200% or even 250%, and most of the times I cannot even click on “ok” or “confirm” or “verify” selection from any pop up windows (Ex: after placing user and password), because it is so largely displayed, and the browser window does not scroll down enough to allow me to click such selection, so I’m stuck?

Also, There is no % zoom in adjustment in the silk browser settings too. There should be a % zoom in or out setting in the silk browser regardless which site i’m viewing, although this is an amazon company RING. COM site that i’m having problem with with Amazon FireTV browser!!!

  1. I cannot download the RING app on my FireTV from the app library? I should be able to download and use the RING app on my FIRETV just like I would on my android phone. It makes no sense how Ring owned by Amazon, as well as, FireTV is Amazon, and yet, I cannot download Ring App to use on my Fire TV?

  2. How come I cannot download google chrome browser app on my fireTV? is amazon locking this out purposely? if so, this is really silly, as you should let users choose which browser preference to use. Obviously I purchased the FIRETV, so to lock me out of my liking to use Chrome, is really unreasonable and making me dislike Amazon FireTVs and FireCubes.

Again, This is a Ring. com site and App, which is owned by Amazon. Im very very disappointed with how poorly this is designed and integrated between Amazon Fire TV products and Ring cameras/App/Site. Let me know if I’m missing something that I need to do, otherwise, I’m going to return all 3 fire TVs i purchased, and 4 Fire Cubes, and even change my cameras. Just very disappointed and annoyed.

Again: I need to be able to view/monitor my Ring cameras on my FireTV, similar to how I do it on my phone Ring App.

The Alexa Smart home dashboard is worthless and doesn’t work, plus, the ring.com site doesn’t display probably…not mentioning the RING app cannot be downloaded and used on the Amazon FireTV and FireCubes.



Hi @user43612. All of the information we have on the Ring and Alexa integration in regards to Fire TV can be found here. If the Smart Home Dashboard is not loading properly, you might try resetting the Fire TV to see if that helps. I do also want to note that there is no Ring app available for smart TVs, as the Ring app is designed for use on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

However, a lot of your questions seem to involve the Fire TV itself. The Ring Community is a public forum geared towards general troubleshooting assistance for Ring devices. We can help with general questions on the Ring and Alexa integration, but I’d recommend taking a look at Amazon’s Fire TV Support to find more information on the settings and apps available for your Fire TV specifically.