Ring should fight this GDPR judgement on behalf of users!

I’ve signed up on here specifically to see if people were talking about a case reported in the Times this morning where someone was sued / taken to court by their neighbour for loss of privacy and what peoples opinions are ? I find it strange that ‘Ring’ the company hasn’t paid for high powered Barristers / Lawyers etc to try and crush these sorts of judgements against its product as I would think their business model is under threat if people stop installing their doorbell cameras etc if there is a danger they would have to pay excessive damages to litigious neighbours !


Saw that too. Few chaps at work have taken their doorbells off. Ring/Amazon should be all over this, as should all the other manufacturers.

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my neighbours have obviously seen this UK privacy case issue and are demanding under UK GDPR rules to see my stick up cam videos which are protecting my garage. can they do this?

You should seek out professional legal advice.


There’s a bit more to this case then the media have made it sound. The full judgement is here https://www.judiciary.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/Fairhurst-v-Woodard-Judgment-1.pdf

I can understand the concern though as it leaves alot of people unsure of what they can and can’t do.