Ring shipping times

So I placed my first order with Ring.com a week ago, and I still haven’t seen one update since that day, still showing as not shipped. I contacted support and asked what is the norm and all they did was give me a tracking number, not very helpful, as I already have that, how else would I know it wasn’t shipped. I did ask someone else on a forum and they said they had their order in 5 days, and mine hasn’t even shipped in that time?

Is this normal proceedure for Ring?

I have placed two orders from the Ring site. They both arrived in under 10 days. Those items were items not on amazon. Everything else I ordered from amazon with Prime delivery. Amazon owns Ring. Odd that Ring does not just process all orders through amazon.

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Hi Brad, thanks for the reply. Its been 9 days for me now, and it hasn’t even shipped yet, so maybe this isn’t the norm. I will try to cancel my order, surely will be the first, and last time I order from them.

Definitely not normal @AdamN ! Give our support team a call who can help with this :slight_smile:

Hi Jennifer, I have been communicating with the support team via email, they were quick to respond until I asked them to cancel my order, now, they went silent. Typical of poor service. They haven’t answered any of my questions, they just steer around them, and now they tell me I have to wait another 2 days for them to look into this? Ridiculous. They took my money and marked the stuff shipped the day after I ordered it. 9 Days later, I contact UPS and they told me to contact Ring as UPS still hasn’t recieved anything from Ring. Looks like I will be contacting my credit card company!

Would it be okay for us to grab the email address associated with your Community Login to take a further look into this?

Sure, but i don’t see any way to PM you. Just post it in here? … or maybe you have access to grab it already.

From my own frustrations with Ring.com’s customer service, it is very lacking. I am shocked that an Amazon company is allowed to behave like this. It’s probably best if we also start contacting the parent company with complaints.

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Yeah, quite honestly Ring is the worst online purchase experience I have ever had. I will never purchase from that site again. I ended up having my credit card company reverse the charges as I hadn’t heard a thing back from Ring support since asking for a refund. Once I did that, I emailed support to let them know I had done that, and not to bother shipping the items … if they ever did in the first place.

Next thing I know, I get a refund email from Ring/Amazon Pay. No explaination what so ever!! they didn’t say a word to me. So yes, they do recieve our emails very quickly, but weather they choose to reply to them or not, entirely another story. Ring needs a serious lesson in customer support. Appauling.

What do I think really happened here? I think Ring did actually send the items to UPS (as it did show shipped on Ring.com, and they did create a UPS label), and I think UPS lost it in their warehouse, so I don’t blame Ring entirely for this. No one has anything good to say about UPS ever, and to be honest, when I heard Ring used them, I was thiking if I should even order or not. Guess I made the wrong choice!

In the end, all it would have taken is some good customer support to keep me in the loop on what was going on, instead of steering around my questions, keeping me in the dark, and ignoring my request for a refund. Simple really.

Personally, I’d only buy Ring products on Amazon.com on Amazon Prime Day.

Anybody know when the next Prime Day is?

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I’m interested in a reply to your message. I ordered mine on 11/24/20 and still have not received a tracking number. My wife manages employment for multiple warehouses so I know there is a slight delay, but 2 weeks is pushing “reasonable”.

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Hi @Vincep. For any inquiries related to your order, you’ll first want to check the order status page here. If you can’t find the answer there, then please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. They can pull up your account and take a closer look. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support. :slight_smile:

I understand and can relatate. I placed my order 11/27/20 and have yet to receive my ring doorbell. However I received comcunication that my oerder had been delivered. I opened the the box only to find the ring sign and the ring chime… no doorbell. I called and was told it was back ordered and would ship between 12/06/20 and 12/09/20. NOTHING Still! They have now gone silent on me as well. Still waiting.

They didn’t have to wait for me to pay though.


After being told many times my ring doorbell was on the way, I am now being told I will have to wait until 12/27/20 before shipping. I placed my order on the 27th of November. I don’t have time to write about all the different things I have been told. This is very unfair.

Just want waht I paid for…as I have a property that is not being monitored because I counted on RING.

I placed an order on Nov 24 for replacement parts (screws, etc.). I’ve chatted twice and called once and was told that orders ship in 24-48 hours. It’s been 24 DAYS and mine still hasn’t shipped. After the last contact with Ring, I was told that shipping would contact me with an explanation in 3-4 days. I got the email with a canned message.

Like you - I want what I paid for so my doorbell can be put back up. If it doesn’t arrive shortly, I’m going to ask Ring to take the darn doorbell back and give me a refund as it certainly isn’t doing me any good lying on the table in the house.

It is good to learn I am not alone having an incomplete shipment issue with Ring though it also says Ring has NOT been providing good customer service. I placed my order on November 24 and have been waiting for two missing solar panels for more than three weeks. Without any notifications of delayed shipping, I received only a part of my order on November 27. Since then I have contacted the customer service team four times and was told different stories each time. It sounds to me no one really knows what exactly happened to the missing items–whether they were actually shipped or not. What is worse is that they cannot confirm if their shipping team is aware of the incomplete order or will they be shipping solar panels to me. There seems like internal communication problems between customer service and shipping. I understand products could be mishandled throughout the shipping process and it did happen to my online orders before. But it always got fixed until this time. Probably worst online Shopping experience ever!!

I placed an order 16 days ago and it still has not shipped and there are no updates. Reached out to customer service via the chat over a week ago and they said it would ship in the next few business days and it was delayed due to smaller staff sizes for covid. It still has not shipped.

I’m having the same shipping problem. I ordered 2 stick up cams from ring.com on 7/14. It’s 7/20 now and I still have not even got a shipping or tracking email let alone number.

I’ve chatted with an agent online who said she successfully escalated the issue with the Shipping Team but still haven’t got not even an email suggesting it being tracked or shipped.

Today I call and now they say I have to wait 2-3 days for an email for it to possibly be on its way.

Ive ordered ring from Amazon and just like everyone else I’ve had no problem receiving expedited shipping.

This is ridiculous, ring!!!

When I recently placed an order from Ring I saw a warning in the store listing for the items that shipping would be delayed. I never saw that warning after completing the order. I do have one of four items on the way, and no indication on when the other three will be shipped.

So, you didn’t see any indications in the store when you went to purchase the items as to a possible delay?