Ring routines - smart bulbs

Hello All,

I’ve a question in relation to routines with the Ring doorbell and my smart gu10 bulbs (Lepro)

I’ve managed to set a fantastic routine which i’ve found meaning when my ring doorbell spots motion from a person on my property - my spot lights above my door (5 of them) will activate which is great from a security point of view/lighting perspective… But I dont want these to remain on for any longer than required - lets say 5 minutes? Im struggling to find out to get these to switch off after its motion detected time - can anybody guide me through it at all via the alexa app on an iphone?

Many thanks

Hi @Andyjp1. You can also try to accomplish this using our Linked Devices feature. This allows you link a device function to your Doorbell. To learn more about this feature, check out this Help Center Article. Additionally, you can try setting up a routine for when your Doorbell stops detecting motion after X minutes, the light switches off. I hope this information helps!