Ring / Rapid Ring: list devices the same way

Please standardize the same sort order across both apps. As it stands today devices appear in different order and when flipping between apps it forces users to stop, think and locate the right device to launch app against. Alternatively, allow user to create their own sort order by dragging devices around that suit their needs. And retain the order for future app use.

I realize this is an old post but since it’s unanswered I’ll tell what I found. Might help someone else. I had made a new post and Marley answered to put in alphabetic order. I didn’t want to change my camera names. This is what I found and also replied to Marley.

Hello Marley. I’m just now getting back. And thanks for the response. I had actually stumbled on something similar thats been working for me.
I didn’t want to rename my cameras as my wife is using this too and is used to the names. But what I did is actually what you just said. Of course I accidentally discovered this by trial and error. Again exactly what you said in theory.
I numbered mine! Lol. For example since I didn’t want to change the names I used a number and a space and then the original name.

1 Basement Bay
2 Basement Side door
3 Porch
4 Garage
5 building
Etc etc etc

I had already moved the thumbnails to the order I want in the main Ring app. Just added the numbers in the other area with names alone and it rearranged itself there and in the Rapid Ring as well.
I got them lined up in RR like I wanted and the wife still has the names shes accustomed to.