Ring Protection Plan Plus + Existing Doorbells and Ring Devices

I’m a Big Time Fan of Ring.

I already have two Ringdoor bells and a Floodcam with an account that is charged $100/year for the service of video storage and review.

I already have an ADT Alarm system that has worked flawlessly over these past 15 years. I’m not going to disclose what I pay a month for their service, but let me just say its A LOT!

Now I see Ring has their own Alarm System that I am seriously looking into.

What I’m questioning is the monthly cost of this Ring Protection Plan Plus, including the three Ring cameras I have already. Seems to me that if I ditch my ADT alarm system, and replace with this Ring Alarm System with their Protection Plan Plus, I’m going to be saving some serious $$, and that’s including my purchase of a new Ring Alarm System.

What Am I missing here?

Also if/when I get this new Ring System with the associated Ring Protection Plan, will I also be saving money by bringing into the Plan my existing three Ring devices?

Thanks in advance…

If your paying for the plus plan already. Adding the Ring alarm won’t cost anymore. You’ll have professional monitoring. All of your devices you already have on the plan will still be covered under the warranty as long as you have the plan active. You can even add more and they’ll be covered as well. And of cost there’s the 10% savings on Non sale price Ring devices on their site. Here’s a link the the plan that goes more into details.