Ring Protect Plus plan changing to Pro

Buried in a recent email:
“You’ll continue to have access to Ring Protect Plus (1st Gen) until your next subscription renewal after January 1, 2025, at that time, any Protect Plus (1st Gen) plans you have will be automatically migrated to the Ring Protect Pro Plan.” Missing info: it’s $20 per month instead of 10!

I do not want any of the features offered in this plan (at double the price.) What are my options?

Hi @user020174. I have addressed a similar question in this post. Changes were made to what features the Ring Protect plans offer on September 28, 2021. After January 1, 2025, the Ring Protect Plus (1st Gen) plan will no longer be available. You can view information on all of our plans here to determine which one will work best for you. After the Ring Protect Plus (1st Gen) becomes unavailable on January 1, 2025, you can work with our support team to choose which plan you’d prefer if it’s not the Protect Pro.

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