Ring Protect Plus included from Costco

I just phoned Ring to cancel my Protect Plus which expires in a couple weeks, because I will then be installing Ring product from Costco which includes 12-month subscription of Ring Protect Plus - $100 value (words within an orange circle on the upper right of Ring box). The Ring representative on the phone seems insistent on misrepresenting the situation saying that professional monitoring will not occur with the included Ring Protect Plus from Costco. I told him the only difference is supposed to be no 10% discount on the bundled plan, which isn’t working right now anyway (I wasted 23 minutes on the phone Sunday trying to buy eligible product but the representative could not get the discount to work and there are other reports here describing similar problem getting discount recently).

Is the Ring representative wrong or has something changed where the $100 Ring Protect Plus no longer includes professional monitoring? This seems like a fundamental thing which should be properly communicated within Ring support personnel. I hung up disgusted (and almost ready to stop recommending Ring Alarm).

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I was looking into this too but will now hold off after learning one of the major features of Ring Protect Plus is missing. It was also my understanding that it would only miss out on the 10% discount. Even Ring’s own FAQ mentions this is the only difference*. Also, it shouldn’t make it a $100 “value” since it’s missing some features.

* https://support.ring.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000909506-Ring-Protect-Plan-and-Costco-Bundles

Do I get the 10% discount on Ring.com with my Ring Protect Plan from Costco?

No. The discount only applies to Ring Protect Plus subscriptions purchased through Ring.com. If you purchased your Ring Protect Plus subscription through a retailer, such as Costco, you’ll need to subscribe to Ring Protect Plus via Ring.com to qualify for the discount.


Someone is wrong. Ring’s FAQ and Costco’s product description contradict each other. And the OP also learned that Costco’s bundle doesn’t include the professional monitoring. Ring, please help us clear this out.

Costco’s website says both professional monitoring and discounts are included:


Protect Plus members also get 24/7 professional monitoring with Ring Alarm, exclusive discounts on ring.com and an extended warranty.

You misunderstood my point. Go ahead and buy from Costco if appropriate.

Ignore Ring Customer Support Agents, they are given wrong information and just parrot that wrong information to you.

I just used web site to cancel the Protect Plus subscription which I had purchased direct from Ring just under one year ago. I then waited and followed instructions such as disarming alarm to let the cancel process complete. After cancellation confirmation I waited an extra day to be safe (and double-checked web site said no plan). Then I opened the Ring product from Costco, installed it, and immediately Plans changed to “Protect Plus Trial” with an end date one year from now. I then went to Settings-Monitoring and changed from Self to Professional (which worked, and I added my local alarm certificate/expiration).

So the differences are the word “Trial” and plan will not auto-renew a year from now. I don’t expect a 10% shopping discount (which doesn’t matter to me since discount was not working recently and trying to get satisfaction with customer service was a waste of time).

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Thanks for the update