Ring Protect Plan Limited Warranty - UK

Trying to makes sense of the benefits of the plans in the UK.
Customer Services advises the doorbells receive a 2 year warranty as standard.

Q1. If I purchase a doorbell 4 years ago with no plan but decide to purchase a Basic plan now. Does the benefit of the 1 year limited start from the plan activation?

Q2. If I purchase the doorbell and the plan at the same time (or near to), would that mean I’m double covered in the 1st year of warranty duebto the device & the plan providing limited warranty or is it applied after the hardware warranty expires?

Hi @user32302. When you purchase a Ring device and set it up on your account, it will start your 1-year warranty, which is what the Basic Plan benefit is describing. You get that benefit because of the 30-day trial, and you keep this benefit even if you do not subscribe to a plan after your trial expires. You will also receive an additional two years of warranty under UK Consumer Rights. In total, regardless of whether you subscribe to a plan or not, you will have a 3-year warranty from the time you first activated your Doorbell. Now if you have a Ring device that was first activated 4 years ago and you subscribe to any of our plans, it will not start any new warranties. I hope this clarifies your concern.

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