Ring protect payment problems in Canada?

I’m trying to sign up for a Ring Protect plan for my doorbell in Ontario and the system will not accept my credit card, instructing me to check my address. I know the card is functional as I make online purchases with it regularly. Are there any known issues/solutions I should be aware of?

Hi @jrgroves! This should definitely be working as intended. As we value your privacy and your security here at Ring, account specific or billing matters are best handled with our support team. They are available anytime and happy to assist! :slight_smile:

I have had this exact problem for three months now. I am a Canadian using a Royal Bank card from British Columbia. The first time I wasted about 3 hours trying to get it to work and phoning customer service. They tried to blame my bank. I use my credit card for 100+ subscriptions and purchases per month without any trouble. I told them it was not my bank. They gave me 2 free months and said they would get back to me when they had solved the problem. No one ever did get back to me. Two months later I tried again. Credit card wouldn’t work again. Ring couldn’t solve it. They gave me another month and said they would get back to me. No one ever did get back to me. That month is nearing an end and I am so frustrated I could rip the doorbell right off the wall and move on to another company.

Sorry to hear about this @NCYVR. You are able to make a payment using the following options:

  • Digital credit cards
  • Debit card payments
  • PayPal
  • Amazon Pay
  • Affirm

Keep in mind a virtual or single use card are not accepted as payment. As it sounds like you are using a proper bank card, the best solution will come from our support team. Feel free to also check out our help center article about payments for more information.

Did this get resolved for anyone? I am having the same problem. You say you can pay via PayPal, but that does not come up as an option for me in Canada. Frustrating.

@Newbie2 Thank you so much for bringing this up! Chiming in for Marley here to clear up any confusion. In order to purchase a Ring Protect Plan, you will need to use a credit card to do so. PayPal is not supported for recurring subscription billing, so the article that we have linked and information provided may have been a bit confusing. We have more flexible payment options when it comes to purchasing the products as Marley has listed, although if you visit that Help Center Article, we do state at the bottom that subscriptions will require a credit card to purchase. Hope this helps clear up the concern! :slight_smile:

I placed an order for ring protect plan plus, the system charged me in Euros, i am residing in Canada an i want to pay in CAD. i called support and told them i was charged 100$ euivalant of eauro which is around 151 CAD which is absurd because i will pay 50$ more rather than 100CAD. they gave me 1 month free and the one month is already done. I want to purchase 1 year of subscribtion. i am not able to. please help

I’m in the UK and it won’t let me add a payment method.

So far I have tried 5 different cards, 3 operating systems and 8 browsers and all result in an error.

I even called ring support…they couldnt find any problems and they gave me a weeks’ free subscritpion, but that runs out tomorrow.

Getting sick of it to be honest.

@Farahgtinc sorry to hear about this! We will certainly get this sorted out. Can you please tell us what browser / phone / app version you were using to sign up for the plan? In the meantime, I’ll send a note to my team to see if we can get this sorted out. Thank you!

@RussSpooner to confirm, none of the cards you were using were pre-paid credit cards and they fall under the correct list of payments we do accept? Are you currently on the trial now?

Thank you!

Hi @Jennifer_Ring,

I have used a mix of debit and credit cards, none of them are prepay or virtual. They have either been Visa or Mastercard. All are rejected with the same error message.

My trial expired today, so now I have a very expensive, but barely functional doorbell. I’m very unimpressed.

Exact same kind of payment processing problem in the United States. I have tried 26 times in the last six months via website, app and phone entry to pay with five different cards (debit, credit, Visa, Mastercard, Chase, BofA, my name, my wife’s name), and every single attempt has been rejected. All of the cards work at every other physical and online location I’ve tried, it’s literally only Ring’s payment system.

And I’ve checked with both issuing banks – they confirmed that they don’t see any attempts to authorize the cards by Ring, not for any of those 26 instances. The payments aren’t actually getting rejected by the banks, they’re not even being processed properly in the first place.

Customer Service gave me a one-month extension on my trial in February and promised someone would follow up – never heard another word from Ring again. Meanwhile I’ve already had one break-in I can’t see the evidence of because I can’t access my recordings.

In short, I paid $137 for a motion-activated light. That’s it. That’s all I’ve gotten out of it.