Ring Protect payment problems - all cards rejected for six months?

I bought a Spotlight Cam Battery in January and have been trying for almost six months now to subscribe to Ring Protect. I have tried five different credit/debit cards on the website more than 20 times now, and every single time it rejects my payment on the grounds there’s a problem with my address. I’ve also tried the pay-by-phone system six times and that failed every time as well. All of those cards work perfectly at every other physical and online merchant – it is literally just Ring and only Ring.

I spoke to Ring customer service in February and they extended my trial for 30 days while they promised to look into the problem. Never heard from support again, never got a solution and now have no access whatsoever to my camera’s recordings. Meanwhile I’ve already had one break-in that I couldn’t see because I wasn’t subscribed.

I have linked my Amazon account, but I don’t see any option to use Amazon Pay to pay for a subscription. Whenever I hit the subscribe button, or go into my account settings and try to add a payment method, it only gives me the option to add a credit or debit card - and it’s rejected every card so far. Credit, debit, Chase, BofA, Visa, Mastercard, my name, my wife’s name, it won’t take any of them.

26 payment attempts by 5 payment methods over 6 months and all Ring can ever tell me is to call my bank. Anyone have another solution?

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Hi there,

I have the exact same problem.

I have tried multiple cards, multiple browsers, multiple operating systems, different broadband connections and even 4G.

Call their support, they gave me a week’s trail extension, that is all.

Absolutely nothing works, all I get told is to contact the bank.

Tempted to ebay the dorrbell and get the google one.

Yes I am having the same problem. I just bought my ring less than 3 months ago. All Ring is telling me is to contact my bank. My bank is telling me to contact Ring. So basically I’m stuck with a ring I can’t use and I just purchased.

Hey neighbors, happy to help with this concern you are having with adding your card. If you have not already, please reach out to your bank and verify the card details you are entering match what’s on file with them. If you’ve already tried reaching out to your bank and verifying you have the proper form of payment, I recommend following up with our support team on this so they can look more into this concern.

Our team is currently investigating this concern, so it’s encouraged to reach out to them to see if this fits the same concern or if they can resolve it for you. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here.