Ring Protect and new indoor security camera

I already had Ring Doorbell and an external Stick up Cam covered on Ring Protect. I recently bought another powered stick up cam for indoors. I kept getting prompts to get Ring Protect, but of course already have this. It’s now saying no videos are being saved for the new camera. I can’t call at present as I’m away, so how do I get this added on? Is this a ruse to force me into paying more for the product I have?


Hi @user53433. Adding another plan depends on what Ring Protect Plan you have for your two original Ring devices. If you have the Basic Plan, that plan covers one Ring device, which means you have to add more than one Basic Plan if you have multiple devices. If you have the Plus Plan, that plan covers all your Ring devices in one location. Check what plan you have by logging into your account on Ring.com, and let me know what you have.