Ring professional monitor callers having the option to disarm the security system

A week ago I woke up at 4 am to my dog desperately having to use the bathroom. I attempted several times to disarm our security system however rings app kept showing a devices not available and absolutely would not let us disarm it. I had no choice but to open the back door and let the dog out which of course set off our security system and the siren started blaring. My husband and I tried for 15 minutes to shut it off and stop the noise but to no avail. Finally the professional monitor dispatcher person called to see if we needed the police. We advised them of the situation and they stated the could only silence the alarm for 5 minutes and that they were aware of the systems having technical issues but she was unable to change it to disarmed in her side and only tech support could do so. At this point I had already been on hold for tech support for that 15 minutes and I went on to wait a total of 45 minutes before the alarm system was able to be changed to disarmed and stopped. If you speak to the dispatch, provide your safe passcode and confirm you don’t need police and request they disarm it they should have the capability to do so.

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