Ring Pro with Pro Power Kit v3

Well, I ordered what I thought was a v2 Pro Power Kit, it however was a V3 which has no bypass. Trying to bypass my mechanical chime, which no longer exists on a V1 Ring Pro. Can’t find any V1 or V2 Power Kits anyplace other than really expensive ones on eBay. The original power kit was accidentally damaged while removing the in-wall chime system.

Any options or am I screwed and need to upgrade the doorbell?

The Spare Parts Kit for the Video Doorbell Pro 2 should come with a Pro Power Kit, and can be found easiest on the accessories page at Ring.com. When bypassing your chime kit, the bypass portion on the Pro Power Kit may be under the sticker, as shown in our Help Center article below.

Alternatively, our Plug-In Adapter (2nd Generation) is a great way to provide power to your Video Doorbell Pro 2. :slight_smile: