Ring Pro with Nutone

Currently, my house has a wired Nutone intercom/doorbell system. The intercom no longer works but the doorbell does. I just bought a Ring Pro and want to use it with the Nutone chime. Would I be able to proceed with this setup or do I have to purchase a new doorbell/chime, a new transformer or some other components.

Hi @hmp ! I’d check out our Chime Kit Compatibility List to see if your Nutone is compatible. I’d also check to ensure your transformer has enough power for your Ring Pro. Let us know if you have any further questions!

Jennifer - Thank you for your feedback.

The Nutone chime is LB18 which according to the compatibility list is a supported model. And this doorbell/chime runs with a 16volt transformer. So would this transformer work with the Ring Pro or do I have to upgrade. Appreciate your feedback.

Happy to help! 16 volts is good but the VA rating matters as well. You may want to test to ensure enough power will be transmitted to the Pro, as a 16v 10va may not work as well as a 16v 30va. Here is a help article that may help you when testing the power.