Ring Pro - No Button on Right Side

My brand new Ring Doorbell Pro is not connecting to Wifi (it connected last week).

Instructions say to press button on side of doorbell.

My Pro does not have a button on ‘any’ side. Just the speaker…

What should I do? The cover doesn’t pull off easily to check for a button underneath.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Your doorbell should have come with a screwdriver with a special bit on the end. You will use this to remove a screw at the bottom of the doorbell. Then remove the cover and the button will be on the right side.

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Thank you! I think my router is too far from my door. It worked last week, gets connected now, but the setup never ends. Thanks again.


I am struggling to open the front cover as I need to access the QR scan? Can you please send a link for vidoe showing removing the cover or send me a linl. I have already removed the 2 x bottom screws however no botton in the right side??

Hey @Ankur! The QR code and other device information can be found on the device itself, it’s packaging, and the quick start guide that came with your Video Doorbell. Check out our help center article for more steps on setup.

If you are able to remove the faceplate, and the button is not on the side, you may have a different Video Doorbell model than the Pro. Feel free to reach out to our support team for a more in-depth look at your setup.

I have a new wifi router/with new n/w, would like to setup the doorbell with new wifi. I do see a screw underneath the ring doorbell and I don’t remember where the bit …i can use to open the cover and press button. However, I do have Radioshak small toolset, Cam I use that screwdriver to open the top cover?

Hi @Jgorusu. If you no longer have the provided orange screwdriver that came with your Doorbell, you can purchase a spare parts kit from our website here. You’ll just want to select the kit that matches the model of Doorbell you have, and it will include all of the necessary tools you need. I hope that helps! :slight_smile:

I am trying to set up ring doorbell pro with the previousely install one. i do not have that special screw driver, how do i open the cover to push the side button?