Ring Pro Installation Possibility


I’ve been trying to figure out how the wires in my doorbell work… does anybody know if it is possible to wire it to a ring pro? (Attached in this post) i dont really know the history of this doorbell… do i need to take this down completely?

Thank you!

I see a 7806 regualtor with an oragne wire connected to it. That side of the wiring has a plus and minus sign associated with it. the regulator takes a higher DC and lowers it to 6vdc so that side cannot be used to power the ring. I am in a similar situation so I a going to buy 2 new doorbell transformers, one for my front door and the other for the rear door and power them separtley. This will greatly simplify pulling wires to the ring. I am asuming that I can power them diretly from the transformers. I will be installing it tomorrow.

Good luck

I read where I cannot wire directly to the transformer…

Back to the drawing board I guess I need the Ring power kit