Ring Pro Chime (2nd gen) motion then doorbel lno ring

Ok so new Doorbell Pro and one 2nd gen chime.

Everything works ok except.

If I have both motion and doorbell chime notifications turn on and someone comes to the door the chime makes the motioned detected noise but if the doorbell is then pressed only the mobile devices ring and not the chime.

Turn off the motion notification on the chime and when the doorbell is pressed the mobiles devices and the chime ring.

There would appear to be a bug?

Hi @G4HLF. This was addressed in a similar thread here, which contains some information on overlapping events. Since the Chime is ringing from the motion event right before the Doorbell rings, it does not chime for the Doorbell ring. As suggested in the thread, you can try disabling the Chime from alerting you to motion so it will always alert you to when the Doorbell button is pressed. I hope that helps clear things up for you. :slight_smile: