Ring Pro 2 with Level Lock

I know it’s been asked before … is there maybe a timeframe to have the Ring Pro 2 be able to integrate with the Level Lock through Amazon Sidewalk?

Agreed. I just moved and am waiting to buy both the Ring Pro 2 and Level Lock - Touch until after they work together. It’s odd the older Ring Pro camera works, yet the “new and updated” doesn’t.


Please allow level lock integration with ring video doorbell pro 2. Thanks


Please update Ring Doorbell Pro 2 to be compatible with Amazon Sidewalk to enable us to link Level Lock! This latest doorbell should have all the latest technology and synergies.


Any update on this? Seems like a big feature gap for the Pro 2


I’ve just found out that Pro 2 doesn’t work with ring. This is quite unfortunate. I was looking forward to using them together.

Really surprised that the older Pro doorbell is compatible, while Pro 2 is not.


I still don’t know how the Ring Pro 2 hasn’t been integrated to work with the Level Lock, especially since the 1st Gen Pro has been integrated for some time now. I’m starting to think that Ring is just trying to unload their supply of the Pro before doing this. But I paid good money for the Pro 2 …


Why is this integration not getting added to newer devices?


Bump! What is the hold up? Please sprint tbis request to production. An ETA to manage customer expactations would be great as well.


Same issue. Very frustrating. So ring pro 1 works with level lock touch and ring pro 2 doesn’t? Should I just take back the 2 and get a gen 1? Seems a bit crazy. Please add this feature ring!


I bought the Pro 2 assuming it was compatible with Level since the Pro 1 is compatible. Super disappointed to find out it’s not. Ring, please add this functionality asap, it makes no sense that the 2nd gen of one of your products has less features than the first??


I’m in the same boat; I saw the callout that Doorbell Pro is required but the dependency is on Amazon Sidewalk. I figured that surely Doorbell Pro 2 supports Sidewalk since that’s a strategic new product…??

Yeah, bad assumption. Ring/Amazon needs to step up and get this integration working. I bought all new hardware last summer because I was an early adopter of the Doorbell Pro many years ago. The glass was getting hazy, could hardly see anything through the cam anymore.

The whole reason I left ADT for Ring is because promised 3rd party integrations (SmartThings in that case) were crap once I committed to buying. Ring seems to be going down the same path.

I also posted an item before I spotted this post; would be swell if folks would vote for it as well: Video Doorbell Pro 2 support for Sidewalk and Level Lock - #3 by Blackbird714


I also bought pro2 assuming it would be compatible since it was in original pro version. I am very disappointed. Seems odd the new version would be inferior to older version…


Please work out how to allow the Video Doorbell Pro 2 (model 5AT2S2) to support Sidewalk so that the Level Lock Touch integration will work.

I purchased all new Ring equipment last summer, and about a month ago, I picked up a Level Lock Touch, as it was listed as a Ring compatible. Apparently I did not read the fine print closely enough, because unless you have the original Doorbell Pro, the Sidewalk integration for Level Lock is not supported. This is a baffling omission, as the newest generation products should have more integration options, not less.


To clarify, I’m not asking the community to “work anything out for me.” I put this in the Feature Request Board; perhaps I’m under the wrong impression? I thought this is where we give feedback to the product team to drive their development?

My ask is for the software to support the capabilities that their marketing team is putting out there.


Same here, latest hardware should be compatible, don’t want to downgrade.


Any movement on this? Removing features from upgraded devices is an excellent way to disappoint customers.


It’s now September 2022, and there is still no Sidewalk support for the Level Bolt outside of the Ring Doorbell Pro. Additional Sidewalk support was supposed to come quite a while ago from a blog I read.

I spoke to Level, and they said they are waiting on Amazon/Ring to allow them to add support. So, what is the holdup? It’s ridiculous it’s taking this long. Neither Ring nor Level should claim Amazon Sidewalk support when there is only one older Sidewalk enabled device that the Level Bolt can reliably connect to (despite there now being tons of Amazon/Ring devices that support Sidewalk).

Amazon/Ring should not be seeing how many people request it in the forum – there are bunch of people that will never come on here to request it, but are frustrated the full Sidewalk support isn’t there. I’ve been on Reddit and other places where people are complaining as well, and I’ve read more than a few comments of people who ended up returning the Level Bolt after realizing it won’t be compatible with other Amazon Sidewalk capable hardware.

Please allow Level to make their doorlock fully compatible with Amazon Sidewalk.


Same comment as other. Bought the Pro 2 version, assuming it wouldn’t be inferior functionality to the pro.


Looking for that pro door bell2 support for level bolt.

The only solution I have been able to come up with to make my front gate smart.

I have a 2 keyed dead bolts back to back with the level bolt.

But no functionality through the ring app because I bought your best model door bell?

Seems insane that I would have to down grade to gain functionality.

Not the end of the world. Had similar issue with Schlage locks but you got that working! Patient ring customer, just giving feed back. Fix the level integration!

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