Ring pro 2 and mechanical chime


I upgraded my ring pro hardwired doorbell that used a greenbrook dht01a-c. Everthing worked fine via the ring transformer.

I upgraded to the new ring pro 2 as it had more features and again its own transformer. But this time when I changed the door bell and the transformer the mechanical chime stopped working.

After a few calls with ring technical support they said this chime wasn’t compatible. So I checked the list and got a Byron 765.

The app settings are good in that the chrome type is still mechanical and the transformer voltage is 23v.

I was told then untold that I needed a power kit so not sure how I can get this mechanical chime to work.

Each chime has 4 terminals, with terminal 0 connected to doorbell and terminal 3 connected positive from transformer.

Can anyone assist pls?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Bal_01. Your Ring Pro 2 should have came with the Pro Power Kit V3. This helps regulate the power and allows for chime kit operation.

The Pro Power Kit looks like this:

Screenshot 2023-08-31 at 3.03.04 PM

Hi no pro power kit came with the purchase. Ring have told me I need one, then on another call was told I don’t need one.
Bottom line is that I have a mechanical door chime that used to work with pro doorbell but now doesn’t work work pro 2 doorbell - even now that I have a compatible mechanical door chime.

any other options? as i have a mechanical chime that no longer works post upgrading my door bell camera…