Ring Porch Lights

I’d be REALLY interested in a Ring Porch Light, or an after-market way to add a Ring camera to an existing porch light. We have a Ring doorbell for the front door and a Ring Floodlight Cam for the driveway. I’d live to replace my porch lights with Ring devices that look like a porch light.

For example, my Floodlight Cam is next to my patio, but it can’t see onto my patio, much less into my backyard. But a Ring camera in my porch light could. Further, my Ring Doorbell can sort of see my front yard, but not terribly well given where the doorbell is installed. However, a porch light would not only cover my front yard, but the sidewalks and street where my daughter’s car is parked.

It would seem to be a relatively straightforward modification of the camera in the floodlight cam to a porch light enclosure since the AC/DC conversion and AC relays are already there.

I’ve considered 3D-printing an enclosure myself, but I doubt it would last long in the Texas heat.

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I agree 100% on the porch light idea. I was looking for a place to make that suggestion when I came across this board and see that several others have already suggested the idea. Just like the floodlight cam is a quick/easy replacement for an existing floodlight, a Ring “Porch-Light Cam”, could be an easy drop-in replacement for an existing porch light, where power is already available. That would seem to be a fairly lucrative concept for Ring as well. There are probably more home-owners that would be willing and able to replace a porch light they can readily access without an extension ladder as compared to replacing a floodlight.

Looking forward to a possible future Ring Porch-Light Cam.

This is the one missing product that has prevented me from switching to Ring from my current solution. Porch light security cameras make so much sense as they provide constant power, easy install, integrated lighting, and are aesthetically pleasing (Ring flood lights and spot cams are just plain ugly and stick out like a sore thumb).