Ring PoE camera installation without drilling through walls

Hi guys, I purchased a bunch of PoE Elite cameras to install myself. I did not do the traditional method of running wires through walls and drilling holes to poke the wires through. Instead I used Ethernet Ghost Wires to pass through the closed windows. Purchased some from. Amazon. But after a few months of using and strong rains. It has corroded the connectors of Ghost Wire. I have to set up my camera differently so It will not get wet. But can Ring design a type of Ghost Wire that is weatherproof? I have both PoE cameras and wireless. But someone is using a WiFi Jammer so I really need a PoE camera. I can’t afford to do a professional installation right now, which is why I have the current set up. Any suggestions until that day comes Ring makes something I suggested?

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You’d probably have better luck finding a company that specializes in ethernet wiring (there are many online vendors). The likelihood of Ring coming out with something for a reasonable price might be low.